Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't forget to stop by!

Don't forget to stop my my Etsy Store and snag anything you need before my sale ends on Friday night. Everything is 25% off, including my paintings! Here's a pic of my sterling silver cloud earrings and necklace that are included.

I am also working on a new endeavor...mixed media art. I dabbled in in when I first finished college in my first year of marriage. At that time, the only place to sell art online was Ebay, and I didn't really know what I was doing. I started jewelry making shortly after, which led to my short 4 yr. career in glass bead making. The supplies available for making mixed media art and the resources to help sell it are much greater now, and it was so enjoyable to sit down and work on it yesterday. I hope to finish it today and start on another. I will post a pic here of course. I plan on selling originals and prints.
Well, have a lovely Thursday. We woke up to rain and clouds, which we really need. Our grass is brown and crunchy!


funky bag freak said...


You're killin me! Don't you own enough of my money? Soooo stinkin cute!

I love the "whired peas"

Lori said...

Anything with peas goes fast for some reason. I kinda hate making the pea pods though. It nearly breaks the tool I use to shape the pod each time. I always keep my fingers crossed when I make them! LOL