Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loves me, loves me not. Loves me, loves me NOT

I really wanted to post a pic of my new painting, but my scanner and my computer are not showing me love tonight. For some reason, the program is working completely different than the other day when I used it. I actually have two new paintings to share, so hopefully I will get it all figured out tomorrow. My mind and my body are too tired to start up with all this HP printer nonsense again. In the future, I believe I will get an Epson.
I ventured across town to go to a small farmer's market this morning. It was worth it solely for the Belgian Chocolate Croissants I got at JC's Daily Bread. I went with a friend, and she got a yummy loaf of sun dried tomato Italian spice bread, and a huge blueberry muffin. I dropped off our taxes with the accountant today, stopped in at a bead store and an art supply store that were on the way, and headed home to get some work done.
Well, I will do my best to get this worked out so I can post some pics tomorrow. Have a great night!

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Jill said...

Can't wait to see your new art, and I also can't imagine how tasty your treat was!