Friday, March 20, 2009

My new primitive folk art painting, soon to be available on Etsy!

I had so much fun doing this mixed media piece this week. I still need to put on a coat of sealant/varnish, but couldn't wait to take a pic and share it. I of course had to do a cupcake themed piece first.

I chose the phrase from Romeo & Juliet, "Parting is such sweet sorrow" to explain my feelings about cupcakes. I love them dearly. Everytime I make a batch, I am sad when they are gone. But, distance and time makes the heart grow fonder, so it will be that much sweeter when when I get to bake more. There is such a thing as a cupcake overdose.

So, here is my newest piece. I plan on starting some more backgrounds and canvases today. I have so many ideas and sketches. I just need the time to work on them. I know that next week, I will not be answering the phone or hopping on Facebook from the hours of 12-6. I gotta get some work done and set some strict work hours. Working from home is tough. I honestly think I would get a lot more done if I had an off site studio.

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Pixybug Designs said...

Cool painting Lori! Love the detail on the dress! You are such an amazing artist!