Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crazy day...

Yesterday was kind of odd. I ended up painting for 6 hours, and am nearly finished with my 6 canvases. At 11pm, right when I was ready to go to bed, my kitty Tiny started running from window to window and acting all freaked out. That usually means there's another cat outside. Except when I looked, it was a dog instead. The same Mini-Pin that had showed up months ago. Only this time, he didn't have his tags on. He was headed for the pond behind our house, and in FL, many a dog has met its end in the jaws of a hungry gator this way. I had to do something, so I went out in my jammies and called to him (I remembered his name from last time) and he came running to me and immediately plopped himself in my lap. I had no idea what to do. It was very late and since he had no tags, I couldn't call the lady this time. After some thinking, I decided to take him for a ride around the housing edition over by where I thought he lived and look for lights on in any houses. I saw one person and asked if they knew who he belonged to. They knew his name and the street his owner lived on, so after heading there, I found another neighbor who said she would take him for the night and find the owner in the morning. We have the two cats and aren't supposed to have any other animals in the house, so I was glad she offered.
This morning, I baked some cupcakes and am now off to start the house cleaning. We are having guests for supper tonight and I have a lot of preparation to do. I am in a better mood today thank goodness. Hope everyone has a good day.

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