Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HP...I loathe you.

I just wasted 1.5 hours of my day on the phone with them again, only to have them tell me something completely different than the last guy. They are sending me a "refurbished" printer of the same model. Who knows if it will work. The other guy said there was a problem with the 901 printer cartridges in general. I got two more guys from India whom I couldn't understand. They kept putting me on hold for 5 minutes at a time. Finally, I told them after an hour that I simply couldn't wait any longer to use the bathroom and put THEM on hold. I have never done that, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. I will keep my fingers crossed that this somehow works out, but this will definitely be the last HP printer I buy. Any suggestions?

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funky bag freak said...

The last company I worked for had Internation offices, but I decline to comment. Lori you are so stinkin cute! I love my necklace and I can't wait to get my earrings! I want the flower bracelet but I can't afford that right now. You're one of my favorite people!