Friday, February 6, 2009

Facebook is soooo cool!

I am totally behind the times on joining Facebook, and I wish I would have earlier. I just joined last night, and I can't believe how many people I have found that I had lost track of. I even found my very first best friend from Kindergarten whom I had always wondered about. I moved away in 2nd grade and lost track of her. It is so hard to find women, since our last names change. I heard from her this morning and it was just so neat. I have been so busy with my jewelry business, church stuff, and moving over the past few years and keeping up with all the social websites will be a challenge. I joined Twitter yesterday....still don't quite "get" that, but will give it a try. Well, off to officially start my day. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


Rickie said...

Lori, I loved looking thru your artfire and etsy stores at all the great stuff you have in them! And your blog is just adorable! Facebook...haven't tried that myself yet...maybe I should go take a look!

Kitties & Cupcakes said...

Thanks sweetie! Facebook is addictive. I have been chatting with people back and forth all day and finding more and more people I lost track of....and they are finding me. Not getting as much work done though! LOL!

Kayla said...

My mom felt the same way about Facebook. It's so funny! She goes on there everyday now and she's always telling me her "new fiends". She's finding people from kindergarten and people from highschool.