Monday, February 23, 2009

HP J4580 Officejet All in One printer. Don't buy one!

We bought one back in July of 2008 when our old HP bit the dust. It worked for a few months, then we started having printer cartridge problems. I would put a new black cartridge in, and after a few printouts (under 10) it would inform me that only half of the ink remained. I would then get another warning and after about 15-20 printouts, it totally stops printing at all and says it is empty. I called after the second cartridge did this and the stupid tech guy insisted he didn't think it was the printer, but the cartridge. He then told me to clean it once I week. What the heck?! Who cleans their printer once a week? Absolute crap. So, I got a case number and called back this week and said it is still happening and I want a refund or new printer, since it is still under warranty. Some guy in India then informs me that HP knew there was a problem with this model and the cartridges and said his options were to send me a new model of the same, which eventually will have the same problem (apparently they are working on fixing it...whatever...they should have been recalled) OR pay him 69.99 to have another model sent to me. I am NOT paying more money when my original printer was 100.00! I called Office Max and they said HP was trying to sell me a downgraded model with different features that was cheaper. They suggested I ask for the upgraded model and it should be free because of all the ink we have wasted and the warranty. So, this guy from India is calling back tonight. I am going to have Rob talk to him because I am about ready to reach through the phone and choke someone. HP, that is a sorry excuse for customer service and a crappy warranty plan. The printer is faulty, and is known by the company. They are getting numerous complaints. Recall the dang thing and give me my money or a better printer. Spread the word folks. This is ridiculous. Okay...end of rant...I am stepping down off of my soapbox now.

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