Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I have been trying to decide when to make these, and I think this week may be perfect. I have seen pics online and they look pretty easy. You make your cupcake batter as usual, pour it into flat bottom ice cream cones, and bake. When cooled, you frost them and add ice cream sprinkles on top, so they look like cute little ice cream cones. I am thinking of making them for my CTR 7 kids. I have no idea how to get them to church though. This usually the problem. If i put them in the kitchen, I honestly think they will disappear. Teen age boys and non-patrolled food items are not a good combination. I need a hiding place. Well, I will post pics of them when they are finished, of course. Have a lovely Wednesday! I am soooo ready to watch a new episode of Lost tonight!

1 comment:

Kayla said...

Yeah, don't put them in the kitchen. The boys always go in there looking for food. They will dissappear!