Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Up in the air..

That's my life right now. I am waiting on whatever is supposed to happen next. I applied for a part time job at the Pier One Imports store down the road today. I called and they magically had 3 part time positions open, which surprised me with the way the economy is. It is a 3 minute drive from my house, and I love home decor, so it would probably be a good fit. I also have an interview/meeting with Keiser college over on the other side of town on Monday to get info about their Computer Art/Graphic Design program. I am assuming the next start time for their classes would be summer though. The thought of going back to school actually doesn't frighten me at all, but working retail does! LOL. I think I am more afraid of the New Yorkers living in FL that might come into the store and yell at me. It happens often around here. I have witnessed it. It's not pretty.
So, who knows what will happen. If I could just get a job making cupcakes, I would be super happy...and probably about 50 lbs heavier! At least home decor won't make me fat.

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