Friday, February 13, 2009

Thanks goodness that's over with...

Yesterday was a total waste. I have no idea what set it off, but around 11 am my allergies flared up. I took a Zyrtec (which usually works like a charm) and by 12:30, it still wasn't helping. I went to lunch with a friend and proceeded to have sneezing fits through out the meal. I came home and by now was super miserable. I took a Benadryl. No help. I tried some of Rob's Flonase. Nothing helped. All it did was make me really sleepy. I slept for the rest of the afternoon and still felt horrible when I woke up. Sleeping last night was not very easy since I slept in the afternoon, so I kept waking up and laying there with my eyes wide open. At one point I woke up screaming.

The good news is that I am feeling better this morning. I took a Zyrtec right away to stave off any more problems. Today I plan on finishing my paintings and looking for a V-day gift for Rob. I have no idea what to get him. Men are so difficult to shop for. He usually just buys what he wants, too. For Christmas, I bought him the Radiohead CD he had mentioned wanting. A week later, he comes home with it. I had to take mine back.

Well, have a nice weekend. I will check in again soon.

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