Monday, February 2, 2009

Where am I?

Lately, it has felt more like MN here than FL. I woke up again today to really cool temperatures and drizzly rain. I like the cooler temps, but am not so crazy about the rain. Every time I have tried to take pics of my new jewelry lately, it starts raining.
We went to Orlando this weekend because Rob wanted to go to a certain restaurant there called Texas De Brazil. Cari and Brandon told us about it. It is basically all you can eat meat. Right up Rob's alley. He ate steak till he was sick. Then he had a piece of chocolate mousse and was even sicker. I am not a huge fan of meat and it was an expensive restaurant, so I just had a huge piece of the chocolate mousse. I didn't eat anything else the rest of the night. I used my unspent "meat" money to buy some shirts at a nearby outlet store instead. The shopping in Port St. Lucie isn't that great, so it is nice to head to Orlando for that.
We stopped by Cocoa and Merritt Island on the way to Orlando to look at a practice that is for sale. After driving around the area, I informed Rob I would rather gauge my eyes out than live there for the next 20 yrs. When we were using our GPS to find Merritt Island, it accidentally led us to the restricted area owned by Nasa. We were quickly and sternly told to turn around...we were definitely not going the right way. We saw some shuttles, so that was cool.
Well, off to eat some breakfast and get the day officially started. Lots to do, so it is going to be another "manic Monday." Take care! ~Lori

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