Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another afternoon spent in the bathroom....

...because we had such a bad storm I was sure there was going to be a tornado. It was lightening like crazy, downpouring, and the winds were so wild that our little trees in the back yard were nearly bent over to the ground. So, I snatched up the kitties and we all spent some time hiding out in the bathroom. When it passed and I turned on the TV, the winds were reported to be 50mph. At least we don't have a hurricane coming at us like Texas does right now.
I went and got our Honda Civic worked on today, as it needed new rotors. The wheel was shaking like crazy every time I pushed on the brakes. We also were told our front passenger side airbag is faulty, but I will have to find a dealer to do that. I have to say how grateful I am for our mechanic. He is way over on the other side of town (30-40 min drive) but he is fast, always fits us in, is honest, and is very reasonable. He gave me a discount without me even asking.
Rob gets home from MN tomorrow in the late afternoon. That means my frozen pizza and ice cream binge will come to an end. Rob if you are reading this, I am sure you already know that I eat junk when you are gone. I think most women do!
My wounds are healing now, but the one on my arm is still noticeable and disgusting looking. I have had quite a few people glance at it while talking to me, then have a hard time looking back at my eyes the rest of the conversation. I would like to stop and say, "Yes, I have a very large, disgusting owie on my arm. I am sorry you had to be subjected to that."
Well, at least they aren't staring at my chest! LOL!

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