Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keepin' Busy...

Well, Monday came to an end. Thank goodness! No more pillow screaming was necessary. Today I continued working on my hair pomade recipe, and finally tweaked it to my liking. I made two scents, Lime Sugar (a base note simiar to cotton candy, with a hint of key lime), and Lavender Mint. I actually liked the Lime Sugar so much that I made my own little pot of solid perfume, and added a hint of Texas Blue Bonnet. It smelled very similar to my favorite perfume at the moment...Lollia "Believe."
After that, I worked on some coffee scented hand balms that were a special order and finished some lip balms in cotton candy, chocolate, and coffee flavors.
Tomorrow I start pet sitting for Cari's kitties and will visit them every morning till she returns. I also have to take the car in to get it worked on in the morning.
Rob finally called and updated me today, but not much progress had been made.
Well, I have to get up bright and early tomorrow, so I will say goodnight. Tomorrow is lipstick day! I can't wait to try the new recipe I have for that!

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