Friday, July 11, 2008


I am so ecstatic right now, I could just about scream. I would, but the neighbors might think I am crazy. Just got back from my apt. at the dermatologist. I was supposed to get surgery and stitches on my left upper arm and my "flank"...(doesn't that make me sound like a piece of meat?) , but when I got there, the doctor looked over my chart and said those places had only come back "mild" atypical, so if I wanted, they could just slice from the top again, and my healing time would be much shorter, and the scar should be fine. I was sooooo relieved. So, within 20 minutes, I was out of there. I will have some pain on those spots for a short while, and I had quite a bit of bleeding, but it is under control now.
I will be going in yearly to get checked now. I hope you do too!
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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