Saturday, July 5, 2008

Never Again!

I always joke with Rob that these will be the words he is to put on my tombstone someday. They usually are used in describing my feelings after eating at a horrible restaurant, going to a really bad event of some sort, etc. Today, they apply to Great Clips. Never again will I ever, ever go there. With the economy the way it is, and living on a tight budget, hair cuts are one of the things I have been trying to pay less for. I have also been coloring my own hair. Today was the last time I will ever set foot in that place again.
First of all, I have been in a rotten mood all weekend. I tend to get really down around the holidays, because my family is far away, we have no kids yet...and most everyone else they are hanging out with the rest of the couples who have kids, and Rob doesn't really get into holidays they way I do. I watched the fireworks by myself from our back porch sliding door while he tried to sleep. To make matters worse, we went to the store Friday night because we were out of some things, and the deli guy says,"Shouldn't you be out barbeque-ing or something?" I nearly started to cry.
Back to my story....I was in a bad mood. The kind where just about anything will make me cry. I really needed a trim and left hurriedly from the hair cutters to meet Rob at home and head to the theatre to join Cari & Brandon for a movie. Rob takes one look at the back of my hair and asks if I realized what a horrible job she had done. When I got home and looked at the back of my hair (I have a stacked bob) I was shocked. It looked like some kid took a pair of scissors and went crazy on my hair. I spent about an hour with scissors in hand, trying to even things out. I was almost in tears again and didn't want to leave the house for church tomorrow.
It is somewhat tolerable now, but I have learned my lesson. Those two famous words now apply to Great Clips....and Cost Cutters...and any place like that.

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