Thursday, July 24, 2008

A hawk wants to eat my kittehs....

There has been a huge hawk flying around over the pond in our back yard today, and I am pretty sure he would like to eat my cats. They hang out in our screened patio sometimes during the day. Little does he know, that they quite possibly want to eat him too. They think it is just a big flying chicken. Mmmmmm...hawk, the other white meat.

Rob just called and said he has landed at the Orlando airport, however, he was stressed out and on the phone with someone when he parked his car in the garage there before he flew out Monday, and now he can't find it. He forgot where he parked. He has already spent 45 minutes looking and is going to go from floor to floor till he finds it. And people wonder why I don't like to go on vacations.

I just finished a batch of lipstick in a lovely warm brown of my favorite colors.
My mother just sent me this You Tube video. It totally looks like one of the commercials my church would have on TV. I had to go check it out to make sure it wasn't a Mormon commercial. Here it is...

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