Friday, July 25, 2008

The joys of spam...

I just checked my email (while waiting for my super slow printer to finish some labels for the new Lip Tints) and found what I believe to be my 4th spam today. They always come to the email address associated with my website. I have to admit, some of them make me laugh.
Apparently, these spammers don't know me very well. Here are some tips guys...
1. "You can increase your manlihood!"
.....the last time I checked, I don't have any manlihood, and never will. I am a 100% woman, who loves to bake cupcakes, go shopping, and wear makeup.

2. "Checkout our online pharmacy!" First of all, that's just plain scary. Second of all, I am not a drug addict. Thirdly, if the doctor's could figure out what is wrong with me, don't ya think I would already be on something? Last time I checked, they don't have a cure-all for getting old/forgetting everything/just plain loony syndrome. It am pretty sure that's what I have.

3. I don't speak sending me emails in that language does you no good. For all I know, you are just discussing Haselnusstorte (hazelnut Torte). Now that sounds like something that would be perfect for a 100% woman who is feeling a little bit nutty.

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