Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stress Dreams...

We all have them, and surprisingly, they are very similar. I had a very common one last night. I dreamed I moved back to Ossian, Indiana and for some freak reason, was told that none of my schooling from Wisconsin and Minnesota "counted" there, so I would have to just start over. Usually these "return to school" stress dreams take you back to high school. I must be really stressed out because I had to go all the way back to elementary school. I kept thinking how boring it was going to be, because I already knew all the stuff, but then started dreading the day I would have to move on to junior and senior high and have to deal with algebra again. Of course, there is always something a little bit weird about these dreams. In this one, we were all adults. Some were versions of kids I had known in Ossian when I was little. And then, there was Jason Bateman. What he was doing in my dream I have no idea. He was a jerk in my dream and he kept teasing me and driving me and my friend nuts. About half way through my dream, I said, "Wait a minute....he's Jason Bateman. He's just an actor, and I actually like him. If he's here, none of this can be real!" At that point I woke up.
Cari and Brandon are moving tomorrow, so we are going to supper with them tonight. That will be sad. Everyone is leaving Florida in a mass exodus. Gee, I don't know why? Could it be all the horrible drivers (voted some of the worst in the nation), the rude New Yorkers who live here, the lovely hurricanes, disgusting bugs, and unbearable summer heat and daily thunderstorms? I think we may have touched on something there. Oh, I forgot the inflated cost of living. Rob is heading back up north at the end of Aug. and I hope we don't get a hurricane while he is gone. There is no way in Hades I could make it through one of those on my own.

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