Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am glad that Monday is over....

I don't know what I had, but I became pretty ill on Sunday evening and had it all day yesterday too. It has been a while since I had a pajama day. At least it hit at the right time. My arm was really painful yesterday from the surgery, so it was good to rest. I have been busy concocting new recipes for some Embrace products in the mean time, and will be playing when my new supplies arrive at the end of the week. We got some bad family news which I won't go into, but once again, I am reminded of how grateful I am for my parents.
Have you ever sat down and thought,"If I could get rid of only three things in the world, what would they be?" I did yesterday. My three choices were:
There are so many things to choose from, but these three came to my mind instantly. Not only do they destroy the lives of those afflicted with them, but the also have the ability to destroy the lives of the ones they love, and anyone else who comes in their path. I read someone else's blog yesterday about how one of these is affecting her right now, and has lead to the end of her long marriage, causing her to uproot herself late in life and start over somewhere new, where she knows no one. Reading how she was treated and how she was feeling made me ache in my heart for her.
Well, upward and onward. Today will be a busy day, recovering from my sick day. It is beautiful outside and I better get out and do the grocery shopping before our daily Florida storms roll in. We lost electricity for a while yesterday!

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