Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

I hope all of you have a safe and happy 4th! Not a day goes by that I don't think about how blessed I am go live in this country and have the freedoms I do as an American. I am reminded every time I turn on the radio, TV, or Take time to remember all the things you are blessed with in this country.
I adore animals, and wanted to share this info I found at The 4th of July can be a scary time for pets, and a lot of them escape or run away this time every year. Please take a moment and read these tips for a happier, safer 4th for your furry family members....

Pet Safety During Fireworks Season

Fourth of July can be especially stressful on pets. Dogs in particular seem to suffer from noise phobias. Here are some suggestions from and “K9 Magazine” on helping pets through the trauma of fireworks season:

Keep pets indoors. Close the curtains and turn on the television or radio to provide some distraction.

Use a leash or carrier if you must be outside with your pet.

Keep pets away from matches, open fires and fireworks, especially ones that are lighted on the ground. Pets may try to sniff fireworks, and their hair can easily catch fire if too close.

Make sure your pet has time to “use the restroom” before the fireworks start. Some are too frightened once fireworks begin, and that could lead to an “accident” later.

Make sure pet identification tags are current.

Make sure dogs have their own special area where they can go to feel safe, whether it’s an indoor kennel or a place under the stairs.

Bring outdoor pets inside if possible. If not, cover kennels with a blanket at night to protect a little from the bright flashes and loud bangs.

And one I am adding for cats....they may also be frightened by the noises. If you are having guests over, or have family members going in and out of the house during the fireworks, it may be best to confine your kitties to a "safe room" to prevent them from escaping out a door. Frightened animals behave differently, and a cat who normally doesn't try to get out the front door, may do so under these circumstances.

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