Saturday, August 30, 2008

12:22 and I should be in bed...

Strange, but I actually wasn't tired for once today. I have been working since I stepped out of bed this morning. I accomplished most of what I had planned. I didn't get any answers at the doctor's office yesterday, but am waiting for some test results to come back. They did a test for Epstein Barr, checking to see if some latent virus is wreaking havoc on my immune system. It it isn't that, I am guessing more tests, and a diagnosis leaning toward Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Well, someone with CFS probably shouldn't be up at 12:30 am, so I better get to bed. Don't know if I will get any quality sleep tonight though. There is a cat outside who is peeking in our windows at our cat, Tiny, and she is freaking out and making all kinds of weird noises. I suspect it belongs to our red neck neighbors who live on the corner. They have way more animals than the HOA allows, and let them run all over the neighborhood. The animal control and HOA have had words with them, and I think they just don't care. Today, the man of the house was standing in his drive way, with no shirt on (and trust me, if anyone needs a shirt, it is this man), no shoes or socks, really short shorts, yelling at his kid for 5 minutes. His boy was down the street playing. I think the whole neighborhood heard him.

Good night...hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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