Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy August!

Thanks to all our customers who participated in our big sale! I can hardly believe August is here already. The kids in town go back to school about two weeks I think. We have 4 more months of hurricane season left. Boo to that.
My birthday is this Wednesday. We are going to actually celebrate it on Saturday though. Yesterday we helped clean the church in the morning, then went to the Florida Oceanographic Center on Hutchinson Island. It was neat, but after going to Underwater World at the Mall of America, it was itty bitty. We got to pet some rays and touch some creatures like starfish and sea cucumbers. After that we stopped at a pet store that had kitties brought in from some foster homes that were up for adoption. A black and white kitten with a black chin really wanted to come home with us. Rob had a hard time leaving him there. He was super sweet and gave lots of kisses. But alas, we are renters, and are only allowed 2 cats. I hope someone gives him a home. They had so many kittens there.
Well, I am off to church this morning. I have had a really bad sore throat since yesterday, and it looks like I will be headed to the doctor tomorrow if it isn't gone. Hope ya'll have a nice week!

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