Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8:00am Wednesday

The winds got super crazy last night and I thought for sure out glass doors were going to blow down, they were shaking so badly. I was still freaked out and didn't want to sleep in my bed next to a window, so I slept from 10:30 to 4 am in the bath tub again. Kinda cramps the legs, but luckily, I am short. I got up at 4, heard quieted winds and returned to my bed. We are very lucky. No trees down on our lot, no flooding in the house, no loss of electric. The other side of town is a whole other story. 8,000 Port St. Lucie homes flooded last night, and they are using dump trucks to get people to and from their houses. 30 intersections are closed and flooded with waters 2-3 feet deep. We are still having some wind, but NOTHING compared to last night when the center of the storm went by us. We had 65 mph winds with gusts to 85 mph (which is considered hurricane strength).

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. It obviously helped. Somehow, we remained untouched. I feel badly for those on the other side of town. Rob is headed into work, just 2 miles down the road and plans to call me and let me know how the main road to the grocery store is. If it is fine, I will venture out there today. No use in doing my hair today! LOL! Love, Lori

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