Saturday, August 9, 2008


Today we celebrated my birthday, since Wed. we didn't spend more than 15 minutes together. I tried to sleep in, but my body clock still wakes me up at 7:00am every day. That's okay, because I used the time to clean out the car. My friend is due to have a baby any day now, and we keep joking that since I live down the street, there was a small chance I would end up being the one driving her to the hospital if her husband didn't make it home in time from work or something. I haven't heard from her since I left a message Friday, so I am wondering if she is in the hospital right now.
We went out to breakfast, and were ready to head to Vero Beach when a nasty storm rolled in, and it ended up raining most of the day. We went and looked at some model homes in Vero Beach while we waited for the rain to pass, then went and shopped a bit. We came home and ate at the Olive Garden, which just opened up a few days ago. We both loved our meals, and I barely had room for dessert. In fact, half of my dessert is in the freezer right now. I was so full, I couldn't even finish my ice cream. I usually ALWAYS have room for dessert.
After supper, I got my usual headache. I have been having them for a few weeks now, and they come at different times of the day. On the weekends, we do a lot of running around, and they usually hit late afternoon/early evening. I slept it off, which usually does the trick. I honestly think I have chronic fatigue syndrome along with my hypothyroidism, but I figure getting diagnosed won't help much, as there really aren't any treatments for it from what I have heard. I am tired of being tired all the time. This has been going on for over 2 yrs. now. It actually started in MN, and even though my thyroid levels are under control, I still am exhausted all the time. My doctors have just said, "well, you shouldn't be that tired." Duh. So, they treated me for iron deficiency. That is under control. Still tired. Sleeping doesn't help, and exercising doesn't help.
Well, enough whining. At least you'll understand if you see my yawning, or in a fog. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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