Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Looks like nasty 'ole Gustav is headed away from Florida....for now anyways. Hurricanes are kinda like women. They can change their minds whenever they please. Still working on that order, so it will be a few days till the new sugar scrubs are ready. I will also make some more Lip Tints, as Tease has been a best seller, and I can't keep it in stock! Looks like I am almost out of Blushing Melon too. I want to work on some jewelry this weekend, and hope I have time to. I have some ideas floating around in my head. There isn't another bead show in the area till October, and my supplies are running low. I can still do some metal work, but I am really craving beads....and color. I know I will be making some cupcake earrings though. I really need to get those out of my head. Bye for now....Lori

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