Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1:30 pm Tuesday

I finally caught up on my sleep in my own bed (instead of the bathtub), and things seem to have calmed down for a while. The sun came out for a short moment, and now the winds are picking up again. For those of you worried about the pond behind our house (that would be you mom!) according to the weather people, Port St. Lucie has only gotten between 2-3 inches. It doesn't look the slightest bit higher. We are STILL getting tornado warnings, and probably will for the rest of the night. Rob stopped in at work..I am guessing he had had enough of my storm panic. He went to the gym in the middle of the worst stuff this morning and worked out, then came home and ran around in the rain outside. I still haven't showered, as my biggest fear is that I will be in the shower when the tornado comes and I will end up on the other side of the housing edition...naked.

There have been three tornadoes around us so far...one in Wellington (45 miles away), one in Stuart (30 minutes away), and one in Ft. Pierce (20 minutes away). Everyone's prayers must be working, as it seems we are in the middle of everything, yet it is all missing us so far.

Well, I have 100 pages left of Breaking Dawn to read (I saved it knowing that I may need something to do today), so I think I will finish it now. Take care...I will update again soon!

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