Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally finished Breaking Dawn...

Last night, I finally finished it. I am sure the rest of you reading it have had it finished for weeks. I tried to read during the storm, but I was so stressed out I couldn't enjoy it. I think I read this one slower because I knew it was the last one, and it would all be over after that. I liked the ending, it was how I had hoped it would turn out. I have to admit, I have been a member of Team Edward since the beginning. Now we just wait for the movie to come out. I was glad they picked a cast before I got the last book, because it was nice to put faces on the characters in my head. I do say, Robert Pattinson was the perfect pick in my opinion. Poor guy has been getting slack since they picked him, and I have no idea why.

We are still having winds and some sprinkles here and there. The other side of town is still flooded. Just so you understand how lucky we are, the town above us, under 2 hours away got over 20 inches of rain. They are now saying we got between 8 and 12.

I am headed over to my friend's house this afternoon to visit with her and her new baby girl. I am excited to see her and hold her. Well, take care, and thanks for stopping by!

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