Monday, August 18, 2008

Fay is on her way....

Well, so far it looks like we got lucky this time. It appears we are only going to be under a tropical storm warning. The only problem with that is flooding and tornado spin-offs that come without warning. Tornadoes are worse than hurricanes if they hit your home or town. We don't have basements here, so basically we are left cowering in our closet. We have had some heavy rain so far, but is has subsided as of right now. The worst is supposed to roll in late tonight and into tomorrow.

So, I have decided to shut down both of my Etsy store's for right now, until further notice, just in case we lose electric, and because I won't be able to ship. I made my last post office run this morning.

I feel pretty prepared as far as water, food, and supplies. I am still suffering anxiety (but as someone who has panic anxiety disorder, it could be the most beautiful day outside and I may feel the same way) so I calmed my nerves by downing some chocolate truffles. I gave the kitties some cat nip, so now that their goofiness has subsided, they are all nice and mellow...having afternoon nap time.

Well, I will update again over the next day or so...unless we lose electricity or something. Take care, Lori

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