Saturday, August 16, 2008

We are on the lookout...

Well, this could be our first hurricane since we moved here. The way the models all look, it appears that Fay will affect us in some way, whether it is minor or severe. If it hits anywhere near Port Saint Lucie, we will probably lose power, so I may not be able to answer emails, and if things are really bad, won't have postal service. I will make note in my Etsy store and close it ahead of time if the forecasters have it headed this way. It would probably hit about Tuesday.

I spent a large part of the afternoon yesterday getting more supplies. There are still a few things I need, and a few things we need to do. I hope Rob can figure out how to put up our hurricane shutters. The things weigh a ton!

Well, keep us in your prayers. We need it! Have a nice weekend, Lori

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