Tuesday, August 19, 2008

6:30 pm

The eye of the storm is going over Lake Okeechobee right now, and we are getting the horrible winds and rain again. The winds are around 65 mph right now, and according to the news, all the streets east of US 1 in Port St. Lucie are flooded. Our screened porch is covered in water, and there are a few small trees down, and some that have no more leaves left. It looks like if a person were to step outside right now, the rain would physically hurt the skin. It would be like having 3 large buckets of water hurled at you at 65mph.

Once again, someone is trying to call us, and everytime the phone rings and I answer it, it "hangs up" on them. I never figured out who this person was when this happened a few months ago. If you can't reach our home phone, call one of our cells. That is the best bet for now. Our caller ID isn't even registering your incoming call.

I probably won't update till tomorrow. I really, really hope this settles down by bedtime, so I don't end up napping all day tomorrow to make up for it. Talk to ya'll soon...Lori

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